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How to Use the Rice Cooker to Fix Hamburger Helper Brand Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper

Those of you who do not use a rice cooker are missing a very quick and easy way to have a nice, economical meal. It practically does everything but the dishes!
Most of us are not running through the drive-thru restaurants to bring home hamburgers quite as often. Whether you are concerned about money or nutrition, you are probably trying to cook at home more often. Let’s face it, though, most of us have evenings when we are exhausted and don’t want to stand over a stove or a sink afterwards! The Rice Cooker is perfect for those nights. Did you think it was just for rice?

I use Tuna Helper and Chicken Helper to make really good meals in my rice cooker. My family loves all of the ones I do. Sometimes I use canned tuna, sometimes I use canned chicken, and often I use frozen boneless chicken tenderloins. I use the cheap kind that come in a bag.

I have three rice cookers, and it is an unusual day if I haven’t used one of them. Once you learn the tricks to making Hamburger Helper Brand Chicken Helper and Tuna Helper in your rice cooker, you will, too.

Difficulty: EasyInstructionsThings You’ll Need:
Rice Cooker: Any size will do. If you have the larger size, you will get the best results with two boxes. One box is perfect for the smaller rice cookers. Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper Chicken or tuna, one can for each box In these pictures, I used boneless chicken.

Step 1
Put a few tablespoons of oil in the bottom of the rice cooker and swirl it around.
Step 2 Add the Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper directly to the Rice Cooker
Add ingredients to the rice cooker that are called for on the box of Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper by Hamburger Helper. These different varieties call for slightly different measurements of milk, butter, water, etc…You can add it straight to the pan. There is no need for another bowl.
Step 3 Place chicken on top steam rack.
If you are adding canned tuna or chicken, add that now, too. If you are using the boneless tenderloins, place them on the steaming rack. I like to oil my rack so it won’t stick. This is the little pan with holes that will fit on top of your rice cooker. Tenderloins are better than frozen whole breasts. The steam from the cooking will cook the small breast tenderloins, but it takes the larger ones longer.

I usually just fill the pan with them, but two or three will do. Remember to replace the glass lid on top of the steamer rack.
Step 4
You may want to turn the chicken once during the cooking process. If you are using a Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper with rice, it will probably not need much attention. The pasta ones could do with a stir or two to help avoid sticking. But, sticking is not a big deal in a rice cooker because they clean easily. I let mine soak overnight.
Step 5
After the cooking is done, which may take two cycles of the rice cooker or standing a while at low, I usually cut the chicken up and put it down in the rice cooker like regular chicken helper and tuna helper.
Step 6
If you want to top it with cheese or add vegetables, it is great. To this one that I prepared last night, I actually cut up onions and put in with the chicken.

Tips amp; Warnings The Asian selections are wonderful prepared this way. I almost always do some frozen veggies and add to the mix. I prepare them in the microwave and add them after everything is done.

Razer Imperator Ergonomic Laser Gaming Mouse

Razer does it again with a design change to their popular gaming mouse for a more comfortable grip to your gaming and general mouse use with their customary precision laser sensor.

The Razer Imperator is the latest precision gaming mouse from the popular gaming peripheral company that encompasses a new ergonomic design with the tried and true laser sensor that Razer customarily uses. The 5600 dots per inch precision 3.5G laser sensor is a true precision laser sensor for accurate and smooth mouse response.

The Razer Imperator is designed for a comfortable grip with your hand in the usual position for mouse use with a thumb indent that is the main feature. The entire design in made to have the mouse nestled in your hand while your gaming and is a nice comfortable mouse in its main design.

The Imperator has a few main features on the outside with a rubberized skin over the top and out to the two top buttons for a grip that works well in gaming. The mouse has the two normal finger buttons, the scroll wheel that has a push button and the two side buttons along with two extra buttons on the top.

The two top buttons are behind the scroll wheel and are assigned as sensitivity adjustment for default button assignments but are fully programmable. The two side buttons are not only programmable like all the other buttons on the mouse but are movable forward and back.

The side buttons are on a movable tray inside the mouse along a slot on the side using the bottom slide button using a four click positioning system. This means you can adjust the two side buttons forward or back for optimum comfort while using the mouse for these often used side buttons.

The bottom of the mouse also has another feature in the profile button that allows you to use the Razer Imperator configuration program to create profiles for gaming or program use. You can assign different buttons and the scroll wheel on the program to perform different functions in various games using profiles.

Each button or the scroll wheel movements can be assigned a different function and then saved as an individual profile so you can switch profiles on the fly using the bottom button. The button will switch between whatever profiles you want to create with up to 5 profiles for various programs and setups.

Profiles are nice when going from gaming and wanting certain buttons to perform various functions like knifing or weapon selection in first person shooters. Programs like Photoshop or Dreamweaver are nice to have setups where common tasks are assigned to the mouse buttons like Put and Get operations for the front and back buttons working with web pages and servers.

The Razer Imperator profile system works easily in an automatic mode where launching the program like a games exe file will change profiles to the one you set up for that program. Profiles switch automatically when a program is launched or by using the bottom profile button so if you do launch the program it will switch and you can switch it using the profile whether you’re in that program or not.

The Razer Imperator also has the usual, for Razer, ability to change the sensor polling rate and speed across the screen using simple changes in the program that runs in your task tray or using On-The-Fly Sensitivity. I found the top two buttons on the Imperator to be a nice way to change the cursor speed across the screen so you have a quick way to change things while in any game or program.

The Razer Imperator works well just like all the other mice listed on http://TheTechInsider¬†for smooth consistent gameplay and cursor control whether in gaming or surfing the internet. Programs like Adobe or Corel image editing also has easy and smooth control for precise editing so the Razer Imperator works well when you’re not gaming.

The Razer Imperator is yet another great performing precision gaming mouse with the contour feel for a very comfortable mouse whether your gaming or doing other computer functions. I highly recommend the Razer Imperator for a great high performance gaming mouse that is very comfortable as well as top notch performance.

Ways to Find Top Rated Espresso Machine

It is always very important for espresso purchaser to compare all the available best machines to find the top rated espresso maker. This is the only sure shot way to find the best and top rated espresso machine that can give you best results and delicious espressos for years to come. So, take time to decide the machine that can guarantee to meet your individual needs and preferences in the level in which you comfortable with. After the advent of this home-use espresso machine it has become easier for us to prepare our favorite cup of espresso or cappuccino right at home. But, choosing the best top rated machine is very essential to enjoy the mouthwatering cup of espresso every time you want.

How to Choose The Top Rated Espresso Machine?

The Top Rated Espresso Machine not just only help you to prepare espresso and other beverages, but also enable to make mochas, cappuccinos and other coffee beverages with ease. So, ensure to choose the model that is designed to help you enjoy a cup of hot coffee at any time with ease. The ideal top rated machines will allow you to have perfection in preparation of the coffee beverages. The top rated machines are the one that come with different adjustment as it can provide you with more power in the entire coffee preparing process.

There are many espresso machine reviews online that can also be helpful for you when it comes to find the top rated espresso machine. The review can be of great help as they provide you complete details, specifications and other information about varied models of espresso machine available out there. These reviews give you the chance to compare different models of espresso machine and make wise and informative decision. So, ensure to read unbiased reviews prior to making a decision.